“For business leaders and entrepreneurs looking to envision compelling innovations, this book balances both inspirational ideas and stories to motivate a new way of thinking, and a pragmatic approach and process to ensure compassion through the process.”

Michael Hawley, VP Experience Strategy & Research, ZeroDegrees, and Professor at Bentley University

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“The value of Compassion-Driven Innovation lies in its intense focus on the consumer of the innovation. I wish I had these customer-facing checklists early in my career; they would have increased the adoption rate of every invention that I ever worked on. Congratulations to the authors for summarizing decades of their experience into an easy-to-understand approach.”

Steve Todd, Fellow at Dell Technologies and author of Innovate With Global Influence: Tales of High-Tech Intrapreneurs

Why Compassion-Driven Innovation?

Compassion-Driven Innovation will help you create new product or services concepts, high-level design frameworks, marketing or education initiatives, workflow designs, and high fidelity implementation prototypes and plans.

The kind of innovation we’re talking about inspires customers and other stakeholders to return again and again and to become champions for your brand.

Easy to follow stages and steps:

Steps that make Compassion-Driven Innovation different: 

– Creating effective teams

– Generating and fine-tuning focus

– Establishing learning as a practice

– Testing and challenging beliefs early,  iteratively, and quickly and pivoting appropriately.

Compassion-Driven Innovation is a practical guide to problem-solving that puts people first to drive to the best results – more innovation, less risk. The authors map a clearly defined methodology with a set of diverse, real-world experiences, making the concepts tangible and easy to grasp. If you’re looking to unlock creativity and innovation for your business, you should pick up this book!

Susan Rice, Vice President of User Experience at Workiva Inc.

A new way of thinking

Across industries and time, we have seen the struggles of those charged with delivering innovation who rely too much on what they think they know because they do not see an alternative. They work in isolation from other disciplines, without the skills, focus, and resources they need to establish a North Star vision and map the practical steps to delivering strategic value to their customers and other stakeholders. As a result, they risk time, money, and customer and stakeholder satisfaction and loyalty. 

Compassion-Driven Innovation bridges the divide between corporate or organization strategy and solution design. Unlike previously documented methodologies, Compassion-Driven Innovation includes several steps to counter typical challenges that limit innovation.

If you follow the stages and principles of Compassion-Driven Innovation, the end result can be more innovation with less risk: risk of failing too late in the cycle, of wasting precious resources, and of damaging brand reputation or relationships in a world in which what people think about your organization’s brand is a few clicks away.

“Pathfinders seeking to effect social change need a map to guide them along the journey.  This book provides very useful advice, starting from compassion, journeying through Inclusion, Discovery, Enlightenment, and concluding with Activation and impact.  Don’t leave home without it!”

Henry Chesbrough, Professor at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and author of Open Innovation

“Compassion-Driven Innovation is both timely and much needed as innovators reassess meaningful work practices.”

Jim Spohrer, IBM Director, Cognitive OpenTech

This methodology offers an invaluable paradigm shift from what is typically seen in businesses. I can imagine this being a book that someone reads in preparation for a new management role, especially as more millennials become people leaders. It speaks to the way my generation views the world.

Grace Gibson, Product Marketing Analyst, Dell Technologies

 Compassion Driven Innovation (CDI) is packed with directed problem-solving advice to advance innovations and to cultivate an effective and meaningful innovation process. An important book for every leader who wants to guide their teams to innovation success.

Kathleen Moriarty, Chief Technology Officer at Center for Internet Security

About the Authors

In this book, three industry experts team up to share their methods of successfully translating organizational themes to adopted product vision.

Nicole Reineke is a Distinguished Engineer in the office of the CTO at Dell Technologies. Over the last 20 years, she has founded and led high tech companies. She has filed more than 30 patents, published dozens of technical whitepapers and articles, and authored and published magazines.  Her research on innovation was presented at the Fall 2020 Berkeley Innovation Forum. 

Hanna Yehuda is a Distinguished Engineer and UX Strategist  in the office of the CTO at Dell Technologies. She currently leads UX Strategy, the intersection between user experience design and business strategy. She has over 20 years of experience designing products and solutions in Startups and Enterprise companies. She holds more than 30 U.S. patents. She practices the compassion-driven innovation methodology at work, helping nonprofits and when supporting new user experience practitioners in developing their careers. Hanna has a BS in computer engineering and an MS in Human Factors in Information Design.  

Debra Slapak is a Senior Marketing Consultant at Dell Technologies. Focusing her career on science and technology, she has managed marketing and sales teams and collaborated with colleagues in a broad range of roles, including marketing strategist, product manager, corporate researcher, corporate communications advisor to senior executives at a Fortune 50 company, head of marketing and sales for a successful software startup, and university educator.